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Past news 2020

PAST NEWS - 2021


Introduction  to photography 

This is the start of a short project introducing photography skills and techniques, which anyone can develop.

The first session looked at what cameras people were using, and the OVOS 16+ young leader sharing his knowledge and experience gave instruction on how to take basic pictures.

The project is exploring producing an OVOS calendar using the pictures that the group take.

Cooking Curry

(This was a virtual session, with ingredients delivered in advance).


Solihull’s 16+ young people took part in a cooking session and made a Chicken Curry from scratch.

4 young people took part and did an amazing job.


All the young people really enjoyed the session and learned new cooking skills, which they can now use when cooking going forward.


The young people even added their own twist to the recipe along the way, by adding their own ingredients or marinating their chicken.

Curry 8.jpg
Curry 6.jpg
Curry 1.jpg

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