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Past news 2020

PAST NEWS - 2020


Pencil and notepad


OVOS Group Meeting - Under 16's

This is our second virtual meeting (November 4th), and 3 young people attended.

As a fun activity, we started off by sharing our sock puppet designs, either Halloween/ Black History 

  • We discussed topics around the viewpoint hub trial (more to follow on this shortly)

  • Promoted the ‘Make your mark’ campaign and encouraging them to vote

  • Christmas ideas for the next meeting and how to get involved in the Christmas card competition.

  • Shown them brand new OVOS website, young people commented  “wow” and  “I really like it”.

  • Then we had a quiz.

We will get preparing for the Christmas meeting and encouraging some of the others to get involved too.

Interview Panel Training

OVOS works to get our children and young people involved in shaping their service. One way we do this is to train children and young people to take part in the recruitment and selection process – serving on the Young People’s Interview Panel.
On 19th November we had a virtual training session for 16+ young people. They were supplied with a workbook by post, which they were able to follow the training online, delivered by OVOS staff.
At the end of the training, the outcome for our young people is;
•    Knowledge of why and how interviews take place
•    Skills to take part in the Young People’s Interview Panel
•    Confidence in knowing what they are doing when selecting new staff


We were able to train one young person using this method and plan to take several more through the training in the coming months.


  Want to join in?   

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Ask your Social Worker or PA to contact OVOS.

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