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In Solihull, we want to ensure the support that we provide to you when you leave our care:

  • Is what we would do for our own children (recognising that all families will have a budget to work within).

  • Recognises you are an individual with individual needs.

  • Supports you in taking risks and responsibility for yourself as a young adult. We will offer you a ‘second chance’ if things do not work out first time round. Everyone makes some mistakes during their move to independence whether they have been in care or not.

  • Helps you to access and maximise all the support available to you through a range of services. This will include accessing benefits, practical and financial support.

  • Ensures all young people who have left our care are treated fairly.


The amount of support, including financial support, that you will get as a care leaver will be dependent on your age and individual circumstances.


The amount of financial  and other support you will get as a care leaver, will depend on your age and your individual situation.

Solihull is committed to making sure you receive the right financial support in early adult life. To do this, we make sure we review the financial support for young people every year.

If you are aged 16 years and are preparing to leave care

or live independently, you may get support through a

Setting up Home Allowance.

I'm not getting the financial support I need !

Sometimes we may not provide you with the service or funding, and the reasons why.

Your PA should:

  • Record any decision not to provide you with a service or funding and the reasons why.

  • Tell you about the reasons for this decision (and give you details of the complaints process, if you would like this).





If you are unhappy about a decision, you need to firstly talk to your PA before making a omplaint, as they may be able to help you understand more about why the desicionhas been made and why the support is not available.

If you decide you want to make a complaint, you may want an advocate to support you in making the complaint.

Children's services will be reviewing the financial support available for care leavers every year.

Please let us know your views on the policy and any suggestions you may have. We will consider these when reviewing the policy.

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