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We are committed to making sure that once you leave our care, we will help you to find suitable accommodation that meets your needs. 

We know not all young people will be ready to live in their own tenancy straight away.



Your social worker and PA will have worked with you to agree plans for when you are no longer in care, this will include plans for your accommodation and will be written into your Pathway Plan.


Here are a range of options.

  • The Training Flat

  • Support for 16-17 year olds

  • Support for 18 year olds

  • Staying Put

  • Supported Lodgings

  • Shared Housing

  • Private Rented Accommodation

  • Social Housing

  • Other options

If at any point, below the age of 21 you become homeless, we will work with you and the local Housing Team to find you a place to stay.

Glass of Milk


Before leaving care, we hope that you have spent time in our training flats to help you prepare for living on your own.

Your social worker or PA can discuss this with you.


Many young people will remain in care until they are 18 years of age. If you leave care before 18 your social worker will need to know you are ready to leave care and agree that it is the best plan for you.

If you are aged 16 or 17 years and have left care, and are not living with family or friends, you are likely to live in supported accommodation.

This is a way of ensuring you get the support you need.


Many young people will leave care at 18 years of age. 

Whenever you leave care, there should be a clear plan, which is part

of your Pathway Plan, about where you will live and the support you

will need to meet your needs.

Your social worker or PA will explore a number of accommodation options with you.

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