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YOUR WORKERS - Who are they?

While you are in care, there will be a number of other adults to support you, and sometimes to support your family as well.


All young people in care and care leavers aged 16 to 21 years will have a named Personal Advisor – also known as a PA.

Your PA will keep in touch with you and be responsible for reviewing and updating your Pathway Plan.

They will make contact with you every eight weeks, but more if this is needed. You can always contact your PA in between these contacts if you need advice and support. 

Once you are 21 years of age you will only have a PA if you are assessed as needing a service from us (this includes support and/or funding).

Your PA will be able to offer support for employment, education and training, if you are assessed to need this, to enable you to access support after your 21st birthday up until your 25th birthday.

Social Worker

Your social worker is one of the people you will see while you’re in care.

A social worker is someone who will visit you to:

  • listen to what you want NOW and in the FUTURE

  • make sure you are being looked after properly where you are living

  • make sure they make the right plans for you NOW and in the FUTURE

  • make sure you feel OK and if there is anything wrong they will try to help you

  • support you through difficult times

  • help you get involved in activities

Support Worker

When you are in care you may also see a support worker.

This is someone who will work with your social worker to make sure everything is OK for you. You may see your support worker more than you see your social worker.


Your support worker will:

  • come and see you where you are living

  • support you if you are having any difficulties or problems

  • let you talk to them about any issues you may have

  • take you to see your family and friends

Your support worker may try and  support you to understand why you are in care.

Information for you to contact your PA, Social Worker or Support Worker


Solihull Children’s Services

Chelmunds Place

858 Chester Road

Chelmsley Wood


B37 7WG


Main reception for Chelmunds is 0121 717 1473

Child Asylum and Care Experienced Team

Duty number is 0121 717 1467

Opening Times

  • Monday to Thursday 8.45am to 5.20pm

  • Friday 8.45am to 4.30pm

  • Closed Bank Holidays

Emergency Duty Team (EDT)

  • (For emergencies you can contact EDT outside of office hours, weekends and bank holidays)

  • Telephone 0121 605 6060


Review Officer (IRO)

An Independent Reviewing Officer is sometimes known as an IRO for short. An IRO is independent of Children's Social Work Services. It is the IRO’s job to make sure that all the things that are agreed in your Care Plan are being done.


They do this by holding regular REVIEW meetings with you and the people who care for you. Below is a handy guide to IRO’s (click image).


You should know who your IRO is

before your first Review but if you

don’t know (or are not sure) you can:-

IRO guide.png


An Advocate is someone who does not work for social work services and is independent.

They can talk for you at your Review and will only say what you want them to say, and only use your words.  An Advocate can also support you to talk for yourself if that is what you would prefer.

To get an Advocate you can:-

  • Ask your social worker, foster carer, IRO

  • Contact NYAS yourself on

Nyas Logo.png

Looked After Nurse

To make sure you are healthy whilst you are in care and get the right support for you, we offer you regular Health Assessments and opportunity to talk about any worries you may have.

You will see a doctor the first time or a nurse for any further health appointments. The doctor would see you in clinic but after this the nurses will come and see you at home or a place to suit you, this will be at a time to suit you also.

We do our best to make sure you have your say in your health because your are important!


There may also be other times when you want to meet, or talk on the phone (in confidence) about health issues, or you may want a bit of advice. You can do this by contacting your nurse directly:


Independent Visitor (I/V)

An Independent Visitor is someone who can take you out to do activities or other things you enjoy, sometimes called an IV.

They may also go to your meetings, like Reviews if you want them to.

Children in care usually have an IV if they

  • Have little or no contact with their family

and / or

  • Are living a long distance from Solihull


If you want to find out more or want an IV speak to your social worker, IRO or foster carer.

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