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ONE is for children and young people. You can have your own account, (this means you manage the email and password) which can set up and by downloading the 'One App'

or online via Google Chrome or another web browsers

Set up an account with the help of your Social Worker, Personal Advisor or Support Worker.


Suitable for age 6+.

Express is there for younger children and those with additional needs.

An account is set up by your worker, who will use the tool with you via a web browser.

Contact your your Social Worker, Personal Advisor or Support Worker get set up an account.


Suitable for age 2+.

My Mind of My Own is a new tool in Solihull Children's Services, for children and young people to tell us what they think, how they are feeling at a time a time that suits them, as well as given them another way to share their news with their workers, as often as they like. 

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