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Get in contact with us to get details of how you can join in.


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Ask your Social Worker or PA to contact OVOS.

We are restarting meeting in person with our children and young people. Details listed below. 
March 30th                 16+  Group Meeting  - 5pm

April  6th                      Under 16  Group Meeting  - 4.30pm

April 13th                     Under 10's Easter egg Hunt  - 10am

April 21st                     Alton Towers trip (Under 16 & 16+)  -  8.45am

April 27th                    16+  Group Meeting - 5pm

May 4th                        Under 16  Group Meeting  - 4.30pm

May 25th                     16+  Group Meeting  - 5pm

May 31st                       Under 10's Group Meeting - 1.30pm

Contact OVOS directly or speak with your Social worker/ PA for more details.