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Coming up 

This is where you can find out what OVOS will be doing.

Get in contact with us to get details of how you can join in.

Meeting, activities and trips

  Want to join in?   

We'd love to hear from you!  



Ask your Social Worker or PA to contact OVOS.

Details listed below. 

April 24th                   Care Experienced Group  - 5pm

May 1st                         Under 16 Group - 4.30pm

May 14th                      Houses of Parliament Trip (all day)

May 28th                     FUN CLUB -  U10's Group 

May 29th                     Care Experienced Group  - 5pm

Jun 5th                        Under 16 Group - 4.30pm

Jun 26th                     Care Experienced Group  - 5pm

July 3rd                       Under 16 Group - 4.30pm
Contact OVOS directly or speak with your Social worker/ PA for more details.
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